Anastasia Yezhyzhanska

Makes possible individuals interact with products and services in more usable, enjoyable, and accessible way by humanizing technology

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Behind the Work

Hello, I’m Anastasia Yezhyzhanska - product designer with a background in marketing and graphic design, passionate about creating user-centred design and solving challenging problems.

Moving to Berlin in 2020 has given me insights into the culture and deeper knowledge of UX design process and technological innovations that I implement in the projects I work on. Currently I’m contributing in creating a Warehouse Design System at Zalando to maximize the efficiency of logistics network.

Outside of the industry, I find relief in spending some time in nature, especially riding my bike in Berlin forests and documenting it in paintings.

I’m open to new ideas and currently looking for a new work experience. I am available for full-time, part-time and contract roles. Open to relocation.

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